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´╗┐Fast Growing Landscaping Trees

Nobody wants to wait a decade or more to get shade on their property. If you are working on a new site or home lot, or if you just want to add more shade to your existing property, planting fast growing shade producing trees is a must.

It's important to note that most fast growing shade producing trees will have root systems that are aggressive. So, you should avoid planting these in areas near septic tanks and sewer lines.

For optimal shade, you should concentrate your shade trees on the western and southern sides of your lot, and any other areas where shade is needed. You should also plant a few shade trees on the southeastern area of your property. This will enable your property to have shade in the mornings, something that is especially important during the hot summer months. Here is a rundown of a few trees that are not only shade producers, but fast growers:

Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm tree grows at a very rapid pace. Within five years it can grow to a height of 30 feet. When the tree is fully mature it will be anywhere from 50-60 feet tall. The good news about this shade tree is that it can withstand less watering than some trees. Plant it in an area where it will receive regular irrigation.

Red Maple

One of the more popular fast growing shade trees is the red maple. It's loved for its shade and for its beautiful fall foliage. At maturity, red maples will stand about 50 feet tall and their branch span will be a bit less than that. Red maples can be picky about the soil they are planted in, so make sure the soil is a bit acidic and that it drains well.

River Birch

Another popular fast growing tree that is known for its shade is the river birch. Its mature height is between 40-70 feet and its spread generally tops out near 35 feet. While this tree's span is not as large as some, this tree is much loved for its yellow fall foliage and attractive bark. These trees are able to withstand heat better than other varieties of birch trees.

Sawtooth Oak

The sawtooth oak is a fast growing shade tree and it's much loved for it fall foliage. At maturity, the sawtooth oak will be around 50 feet tall and its span will be even larger. These trees are not very picky about their soil, but they do love being planted in the full sun.

Planting fast growing shade trees not only benefits people when they are outdoors but also it can also reduce the indoor air temperatures of homes by 10 degrees. This can end up saving homeowners a lot of money long term on their energy bills.