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´╗┐Landscaping Friendly Swing Sets

If you have young children, you will probably end up purchasing a swing set for them. Many people put off purchasing their children a swing set because they fear that it will take away from their landscape. If you choose the right type of swing set, it will not take away from your landscape. In fact, the right type of swing set can flow with your landscape and not look out of place. The children's swing set that is the most landscape friendly is generally a wooden swing set. The natural wood of these swing sets can blend in nicely with most any landscape style or design.

It is true that wooden swing sets will cost more than most metal swing sets. However, wooden swing sets are well worth the cost. These sets will hold more weight than most other outdoor swing sets. They will also last longer and they weather much nicer than metal and plastic swing sets.

When purchasing a wooden swing set, you should purchase one that is free of chemicals and labeled splinter free. You should know that there are special companies that will let you design your child's wooden swing set. This is a great service. These companies allow you to browse through their product lines so you can customize and choose which play features you want for your children's swing set. You can have a large swing set like you would find on a playground, or you can have a smaller swing set with just a simple slide and a few swings.

When looking for wooden swing sets, you should be mindful of the type of wood that is used to make the swing set. Is it hard, durable and sturdy? Has the wood been treated? If so, find out how the wood has been treated. You want a swing set that is weather resistant, but you do not want your children climbing on wood that is full of chemicals.

Once you have your children's swing set ordered, you should start preparing the site. Many homeowners do not want to worry about mowing or trimming around their children's swing set. If that sounds like a chore you want to avoid, too, place a border around their child's play area, such as pressure treated beams. Lay landscape fabric over the play area. You can fill the area with pea gravel, wood mulch, playground mulch or another filler of your choice.

Once your children have their swing set up, they can happily play while you work on the landscape around the swing set. Butterfly bushes are great additions to an area that surrounds a children's play area. Children truly enjoy watching hummingbirds and butterflies flit and fly from one bloom to another. Other friendly additions to a child's landscape could be birdhouses and feeders. On a side note, if your children's play area is visible from the road, you may want to consider planting tall ornamental grasses to give them privacy, or you can install a backyard privacy fence. You can find fences and/or ornamental grasses that will blend nicely with your child's wooden swing set and your surrounding landscape.