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´╗┐Lawn Mowing Safety Tips To Prevent Injury

Do you know that in 2008 more then 150,000 cases of lawn mower injury were treated in emergency rooms across United States? If gardening is your hobby or landscaping is your profession then the lawn mower is a part and parcel of your day to day life. Used for making your lawns more beautiful this equipment can cause serious injuries to both the users and the bystanders. Patients have reported loss of fingers and also their toes, broken or dislocated bones, deep wounds and cuts and various other injuries. By following some simple yet effective lawn mowing safety procedures you can save yourself a ride to the hospital:

- Teenagers looking for making some extra pocket money often take up Land mowing jobs. Care should be taken while providing them with the land mowers. It is recommended that children below the age of 14 should not be allowed to work with ride-on lawn mower equipment and if the child is not even in his teen's walk-behind lawn mowers are a big no-no.

- With the advancement in technology, there are land mowers available in the market, which stop as soon as you lift your hand from the handle. This equipment will surely go a long way in helping you to maintain lawn mowing safety.

- Another important lawn mowing safety instruction that should be followed is to ascertain that the mower operator is wearing proper shoes and not open sandals. A set of comfortable sturdy shoes will not only make your movement easier but also protect your feet from getting hurt. Other lawn mowing safety must haves are glasses or goggles or eyewear protection gear which will prevent eye injuries.

- Before starting with lawn mowing it is always advisable to clear your lawn of stones, toys and other decorative items which may fly during the course of lawn moving and can cause severe injuries. Also while mowing the lawn, ask others to keep a safe distance from the equipment to ensure their safety.

- Refuel and start your lawn mover outside and not in a closed shed or garage. Also care should be taken that the mower's motor is not on and that the mower is properly cooled before refueling it.

- Another lawn mowing safety precaution to be kept in mind is that the blades of the mower should be properly adjusted so that it doesn't get struck in the debris of the cut grass. This blade adjustment should be performed by an adult after removing the spark plug of the lawn mower.

As correctly stated that prevention is better than cure, by making use of the above lawn mowing safety measures you can add beauty to your lawn and stay safe.