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´╗┐The Must Have List Of Lawn and Garden Products

If you are a new gardener, you are going to need new lawn garden products. Some people think if they have their bulbs, plants and seeds that they are ready to go. We know you are excited to get started on developing your green thumb, but there are a few products that are necessary purchases. These new lawn garden products will come to your aid countless times as you begin your planting and sowing.

We know that it can be overwhelming to visit a home and garden center. There are so many products that you may be wondering which ones you will need. We have comprised a list of necessary tools for you to take the guesswork out of it.

The proper shovel is important to gardening. If you are going to be digging, you should purchase a shovel that is shaped like a spade. If you are going to be picking up clutter and debris from your soil, you will want to have a shovel that has a flat head. When purchasing a shovel, keep in mind the length of the handle. The longer the handle, the easier it will be to lift when it is full of dirt.

The next thing you should purchase is a rake. The best rakes are made of metal. They last longer and they make raking much easier because the tines will not bend.

Shears are a must for any gardener. Pruning shears come in handy to cut small limbs and for trimming shrubs and bushes. You do not have to spend a fortune on shears, either. Just do not buy the cheapest pair that you find. You want them to last forever.

Loppers, a cutting tool that has a long handle, are good for cutting branches that are up to an inch in diameter. Loppers are good for reaching into sticky areas where pruning shears cannot go.

Hedge shears are a must for any gardener that has shrubs. You can purchase hand shears or electric shears. However, if you have a lot of shrubs, you may want to opt for electric shears.

Please don't forget the garden hose! Many gardeners make a major mistake when they buy a garden hose. They buy one that is too short. Make sure the garden hose you purchase will stretch to all the others you want to water. You should probably invest in a rack or reel for your hose. It will just eliminate a lot of tangles when it comes time to wind up your garden hose.

Every gardener needs a wheelbarrow. You can use a wheelbarrow for many different things around your house. You can move dirt in it, haul wood, plants, or bags of fertilizer in it -- as well as take your children for a ride around the yard!

Lastly, while this is optional, you may want to invest in a tank sprayer. It is a good investment when you are purchasing new lawn garden products. Tank sprayers can be used to apply fertilizer to your lawn and garden and they can also be used to kill weeds and pests. Sprayers can be purchased in most any size from a small one gallon tank to a large sprayer that is on wheels.