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Make Your Own Window Sill Herb Garden

Using fresh herbs in the dishes you cook is always fun and adds freshness to your cooking. If you do like to use herbs in your meals and have some space on your window sill, why not grow a beautiful herb indoor garden. The window sill may be the most common place to grow an indoor herb garden but there are other places to grow this indoors.

First off, an indoor herb garden does need to get enough sunlight and must also be out of the reach of hands and pets. So the location of your indoor herb garden needs to be thought about and decided on how large you want your herb garden to grow on your window sill. Do remember that not every herb grows at the same pace and that you may need ample space for the herbs that grow bigger.

Always ensure that the herbs you have decided to grow will work well together. There are some herbs that will tend to take over the other herbs in a garden. Some shops that carry indoor herb garden kits take the work out of figuring out what herbs will work well together by selling them grouped up together in sets. For example, if you plant oregano beside a peppermint plant, guess what, you will get herbs that smell like both the oregano and peppermint.

After deciding what herbs you want to grow in your window sill garden, do find the ways you want to use the herbs. For example, you may want to grow the herbs strictly for cooking or maybe for some potpourri crafting use. Make sure you know the variety of herbs that don’t grow well together and which ones are compatible.

There are some herbs that can be hard to grow and other herbs that can grow quickly like chives. Do take into consideration what season you’re growing your indoor herb garden and select the herbs that will grow at room temperature. These indoor herb gardens will not only give you some fresh taste in your cooking but can add a bright color to your room with the right amount of light and temperature.

Even if you are growing your herbs in the winter, you can still have fresh herbs just as long as you give them the right amount of light and temperature to grow. Just make sure to move the herbs around so that you’re rotating them everyday and keeping them the same amount of light on all sides.

Do make sure to buy your herbs for your indoor garden from a reputable nursery so that you can gather all the information you need about growing them. Getting all the indoor gardening details for each herb from the expert will ensure that your herb garden will be easily maintained. It is so simple for anyone to start an indoor herb garden that not only does it cut costs of dried herbs for cooking but also can improve your home aesthetically.

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