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Whether you are a horticulturist or simply growing some fruits and vegetables at home, one organic gardening tip that is most important is to make sure all of your products are natural and free of chemicals and insect repellents. That is, after all, the purpose of organic gardening, to grow fruits and vegetables that are both safe for consumption by humans and animals and safe for the environment. The use of harsh chemicals in gardening is believed to be the cause of many lung, respiratory illnesses, and cancers that exist within the world today which is a helpful organic gardening tip.

Another organic gardening tip is to look for non-toxic weed killers instead of those that you customarily find in the gardening section of the hardware store. You may have to go to a store that specializes in gardening products or one that specializes in organic products. It's important to make sure that your family and those of others have products that are medically and environmentally safe, and only the use of all organic products is going to fulfill that guarantee.

For those who want to assure that their garden contains only products that are treated with natural products, make it a habit to read the labels on everything you buy so that you are certain that you are buying only natural products, thus allowing your garden to be fully organic in nature. Do not rely on the store personnel to direct you, especially if the product doesn't say "organic" or "all natural" on the label. The best organic gardening tip anyone can give you is if you are in doubt about the ingredients in a product that professes to be natural or organic, ask someone who is experienced with organic garden products, preferably in an organic gardening store, or write down the exact name of the product and research it on the internet.

If you're looking for an organic gardening tip, be certain that the sources you use are reliable. Remember, those who work in retail or wholesale outlets that do not carry the organic products or carry them in limited supply are not your best choice for answers to any questions you have since they are more likely to attempt to steer you away from organic products or provide incorrect information, either deliberately or from lack of knowledge. The most reliable information you will find is on the internet or in an organic gardening store. The internet has many websites that sell organic gardening products, so you do not even have to go into the stores in your area to find what you need. All of these products tell you what is in them, and being right there on the internet, you can search to assure yourself that they are safe to use.