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For organic gardeners, there are a great many sources for organic gardening information, some of which is general or specific to a certain process or a certain type of fruit or vegetable. One of the most popular and easiest accessible is the internet. While you are compiling information that you need for the next crop, you can look up the information on your computer, and if you need it in hard copy format, print it on your computer. This saves you the time of running to the bookstore or library to find the organic gardening information you need. The internet is also the quickest way if you are in the middle of doing something and find that it is not covered in any of the books you have, otherwise, you would need to make a trip or make a phone call to the gardening store.

Another source of organic gardening information is the store where you usually buy your gardening products. Most gardening stores have a small selection of books on various topics, and though this selection may not be as extensive as the bookstore or library, if you need something in a hurry, and the answer is in one of the books at the gardening store, it saves you the time of driving to the bookstore or library. You will most likely spend more time finding the information than at the gardening store.

The bookstore and library are both excellent places to find organic gardening information; however, unless it's something you do not anticipate needing very often, the bookstore is a better choice. Before you decide whether to use the library, think about whether it is something to which you may need to refer later, and if so, use the bookstore. It's more practical to buy a book than to have to return to the library each time you need the information. Of course, if it's one particular part that you need, and it's only a few pages, you may choose to copy those pages from the book rather than buy the entire book.

Wherever you decide to obtain organic gardening information, be sure that you are receiving accurate information. This means probably not asking the garden store that doesn't carry organic gardening products because more than likely they will not know or will give you inaccurate information based on their lack of knowledge or personal opinion. Save yourself some time and use the sources that are most likely to have the information you need: organic gardening store, internet, library, bookstore, or another organic gardener who has more experience that you do.