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´╗┐Revitalizing A Deck With Rails

Decks have been used for outdoor entertaining, relaxing, and soaking up the sun for many years. Some older homes have decks that were built many years ago, and thanks to the sturdy wood and other elements used, they are still solid and structurally sound. But over time, decks may become dated.

Even if you've taken excellent care of your deck over the years and have cared for the wood faithfully, you still may find that your deck is lacking luster and appeal by today's standards. It just doesn't have that appeal that you see on newer homes or in catalogs and magazines. You may have even considered tearing it down and replacing it with something new.

Before you go to that expense, take another look at your decking. Examine it closely and if you find that the boards and floor are still structurally sound, try another option. Rather than replacing your deck entirely, consider replacing your railings. You can dress up your deck with more ornate railings and stairways. Add a coat of fresh paint or stain and voila - your new deck is ready!

Home improvement stores have a variety of railing and stair options for decks. Lumber yards often sell them at discounted prices. Most are easily installed and can be purchased to order so you don't have to worry about cutting and fitting pieces together. Many contractors also specialize in replacing deck railings if you're not into your own home improvement project.

When you consider new rails, think about ways to enhance the space. Adding taller corner posts, balusters, or towering columns will allow you to hang ferns or potted plants to increase visual appeal. Also, consider rails with rounded post tops or octagonal peg designs for interest. Just make sure you stay in keeping with your home's overall design. For example, if your home is traditional, a contemporary deck design may not fit well. Don't stray too far from your homes architectural plan so you can avoid an 'added on' look.

In addition, consider adding a trellis to your deck. It can be used as a privacy divider or simply to add more interest to the outdoor space. You can finish off your deck with potted plants and ornate containers with green plants and flowering shrubs. Add a gazing ball or garden statue in hidden corners to complete your renovation.

If your deck is stained or natural wood, you can make even more dramatic enhancements by painting your railings a bright white to offset them from the rest of your deck. White is fresh and clean and is definitely a new look that will add value to your deck and your home.

Don't be bored with your deck because you think you can't afford to make improvements. Try updating your deck with railings, built-in seating, and other simple additions that transform your outdoor space into an outdoor retreat. It won't be long before you'll be spending more time outside enjoying your newly remodeled space and enjoying the compliments of your guests.