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´╗┐Expand Outdoor Space With Multi Tiered Decks

Multi-tiered decks are a good way to enhance your outdoor space without a lot of fuss and expense. If you already have a basic deck, then adding another tier or more can create a more impressive backyard and provide much more room for entertaining. Multiple tiers can also offer more useful spaces for different times of the day with some areas basking in sun in the morning while others are showered with shade from overhanging branches.

A multi-tiered deck should take advantage of the flow of your lawn and the surrounding area. If you have a lot of trees surrounding your house and existing deck, take those into consideration. If your objective is to have a deck that is shady most of the time, then building around your trees is an option. But remember that a deck that is shaded most of the time will require more cleaning and maintenance than one exposed to the sun.

Also, if you have a sloping back yard, a multi-tiered deck can be a great option. Your decks should flow effortlessly with wide steps from one level to the next allowing for a gradual decline to lower levels of the deck. Varying the layout and style of steps as they flow from one level to the next can add more character to the design. The wider steps and entryways can also be a great home for plants and container gardening.

Even a relatively flat back yard can be used to build multiple levels of decks. A large deck that opens out to a smaller deck and gazebo is an interesting landscaping option. Or a smaller deck that opens out onto a large, roomy deck that is differentiated with diagonal boards or other design changes can make the space more interesting and inviting.

Tiered decks also lend themselves well to built-in benches and seating. Small, intimate seating on different levels can be very inviting. You can also include built-in flower boxes in corners or on top of railings to add privacy to different levels of the decking. Add some lattice dividers with climbing vines. Visual appeal is enhanced when there are surprising elements around each corner and on each level of your deck or patio.

If you enjoy your existing deck but just find that it doesn't offer enough room for you and your family or friends, consider a multi-tiered deck to add depth and space. Levels can be added below or beside an existing deck or they can be wrapped around your house for even greater visual appeal.

Expand your outdoor living space with a simple home improvement project that enhances your existing deck. Your backyard will be more regal and stately when you add dimension to your outdoor space.