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Perennial Flower Gardening Tips

Now that you’ve found the perennials that you want to include in your garden, you’ll need to get all the information you can about tending for your plants. There are several perennial flower gardening tips that you can take advantage of, no matter how experienced you are when it comes to gardening. This will keep your plants healthy, and will motivate you to plant some new varieties next season.

One of the most important perennial flower gardening tips you can follow is to pull weeds. This can be a little tedious, especially depending on the type of soil you’ve used. Weeds take nutrition from the soil and can ‘choke’ your plants, so you’ll need to pull them on a regular basis. It is also essential to dead-head flowers that are no longer growing. If some of the flowers in your garden have started wilting, they should be removed from the soil. This will help more flowers to bloom in your garden, and will keep the existing plants healthy and strong.

Other perennial flower gardening tips include adding mulch to your garden. Mulch makes the soil cooler in warm weather, and protects your plants from harsh weather conditions in the winter. Mulching will also keep the soil moist and healthy, and helps to reduce the amount of weeds that you’ll find in the garden. If you have larger plants that you want to include in your garden, you should make the most of mulching by dividing these plants into smaller varieties. This will help to make more flowers for your garden, since plants that are not divided will usually have fewer blooms. Flower divisions should be done every two to four years. Be sure to dig up the flowers before you divide them–this will essentially give you some flowers for your garden that you don’t have to pay for.

Instead of watering your flowers on a set schedule, you should follow perennial flower gardening tips like watering your plants as needed. Check the soil’s moisture content before watering, and give your flowers as much water as they need. Of course, a dry spell in your city will mean more watering, but taking a good look at your plants will let you know how much water to give them.

If you need to get more perennial flower gardening tips, you can always attend a gardening demo at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. This will give you hands-on information about which plants are best for the type of soil that you have. These stores will also provide you with the right gardening tools, such as gloves and knee pads so that you can garden safely and comfortably.

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