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´╗┐What To Leave Out Of The Guestroom

Most of us have overnight guests only occasionally and so we get into the habit of using our guests rooms for other things, such as storage areas. Some of us don't even have dedicated guest rooms; instead we boot a child out of their room for a few days or we give up our own room for our guests. As careful as you are to include everything your guests will need during their stay, take care also to remove certain things from the guestroom before they arrive.

If the guestroom is where you keep your collections, you might want to remove them, temporarily, anyway, especially if they are taking up valuable chest or dresser space. If the guestroom is where you store all the ironing or household clutter, try to find a home for the items before your guests arrive. You want to present a freshly cleaned and attractive room that will give your guests room to put their things. Besides, you don't want them worrying about moving your stuff or not having any room they feel they can use.

When the Guestroom is a Child's Room

If you've made arrangements for your guests to sleep in your child's room, be sure and remove all the things your child will need for the duration of their stay. For one thing, they will need some room for their things, but you also don't want to disturb your guests to get your child's favorite toy or blanket. While you don't have to redo the whole room just for a couple of nights, be sure and sprinkle some adult amenities around as you're removing the things your child will need.

Guest Bathrooms

Be sure and remove anything from the bathroom that is for "looks only." Your family may know not to use the decorative towels but you can't expect your guests to know which towels to use. A good rule of thumb to use for a guest bathroom is if you put it in there, expect your guests to use it. Do make sure you leave plenty of supplies for your guests but if there is anything you really don't want used, remove it before they arrive.

When Your Guestroom is the Living Room

Not everyone has a guestroom and for some families, they would rather make do than send their guests to a hotel. If your guests are sleeping in the living room on a fold out sofa or an air mattress or something to that effect, you'll want to still make them feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any pets in the home, you may want to take them to your room when you go to bed or put them somewhere where your guests won't be disturbed. This is especially true if you have a dog that your guests are not familiar with as it could be frightening for someone going to the bathroom in the middle of the night to be confronted by a strange dog.