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´╗┐Storage Options For Dorm Rooms

Decorating a dorm room is fun but before you can decorate, you have to have a place to put all your things away. Even the best d├ęcor is instantly ruined with clutter all over the place so you'll need to ensure you have adequate supplies in order to put your things away in a way that you can easily get your hands on them when needed.


Install a second closet rod underneath the existing closet rod and hang shorter items there. Look online and at discount stores for other storage options for your closet such as over the door shelves, hooks or bags that hang on the door and organizers for shoes. If you have shelves in the closet, maximize the space from the shelf to the ceiling by purchasing inexpensive stacking organizers.

Make the Most of Your Bed

Most discount stores have plastic, see through under bed storage containers that will come in handy for excess clothes and accessories. You may also need to store luggage or totes under the bed so make sure you have room for these before you purchase them. Another way to maximize the storage around your bed is to buy bed pockets, which can hold accessories at the end of your bed.

Bathroom Supplies

If you share a bathroom, you may want to keep your toiletries in a basket or tote bag that you can easily tote back and forth. You should be able to keep this right under the edge of your bed so that you can easily retrieve it when needed.


Take advantage of storage options for your walls wherever you have any space. If you have the room on an open wall or corner, install a shelving unit even if it's just a couple of cubes. You can also find some really cute stick on hooks that can hold a variety of things like belts, towels, robes, and the like. Hang up whatever you can to keep clutter at a minimum. Save room for a combination memo/corkboard so you can pin up important papers or leave a message for a roommate.

Miscellaneous Storage Options

There are a wide variety of inexpensive storage options that are perfect for college life and dorm rooms. Try a collapsible hamper for your dirty clothes and once they're all clean again, store it out of sight. Consider buying a plastic drawer cart on wheels so you can take it wherever you need it. You can store makeup and bathroom supplies in it as well as study supplies and you can even assign a drawer or two to eating utensils and condiments. With a little creativity, you can have room for everything in your dorm room and still make it look nice.