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´╗┐Attractive Bathroom Storage Ideas

Many of us have homes that didn't come with much in the way of storage options so we've had to make our own. Thankfully, there are many attractive products on the market that make it easy to organize and decorate at the same time. Gone are the days when cold metal shelving was the storage option of the day. Now, we have a wide variety of choices when we need to make our available space work harder. Chances are, no matter what size your bathroom is, you could use more storage so we'll look at some of the most attractive bathroom storage ideas.

The Bathroom Door

For smaller bathrooms, the inside of the bathroom door presents the largest potential storage area in the entire room. Don't let this precious storage space go to waste! There are a variety of options you can choose to make this space work for you and still look attractive as well. You can hang over the door bags or hooks to organize a lot of things. In the same space that you can hang one hook and one bathrobe, you can also hang an entire shoe bag and fill the pockets with toiletries and hand and face towels. Or you can skip the shoe bag or jewelry bag and hang a variety of hooks and maybe even a bar or two across the door to hold towels.


If you plan on adding shelving units, look to the walls for vertical storage instead of taking up limited floor space. Even small shelves can hold towels and washcloths and a few of the items you need on an everyday basis. Think tall, skinny units for corners and you can stash a great deal of stuff and decorate at the same time. If your bathroom doesn't have any cabinets and if you have the floor space, opt for a free standing cabinet that will hold towels and toiletries. Look for one with adjustable shelves so you can design it to meet your needs.

Hang it up With Hooks

Stylish wall hooks are inexpensive and can hold a lot. Hang up brightly colored towels to add a splash of color to your bathroom. Also, look for shelves that do double duty. Many single bathroom shelves have hooks underneath to hang up towels or robes. Look for small areas to hang just one or two hooks or line them up against the wall for maximum storage.

Towels, Towels, Towels,

One of the most inexpensive and attractive things you can decorate your bathroom with is towels! Whether you hang them up or roll them up and put them in baskets or on shelves, towels are a natural and attractive decoration for bathrooms. If you have open shelves, fold some brightly colored towels and stack them up, hang a few on hooks or roll them up and put them in baskets. Attractive towels have a way of transforming a dull and drab bathroom into a warm and inviting one.