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Decorating Your Home Office

Now, this is the fun part! Once you've included all the essentials, you can really let go and decorate your home office any way you like. This is your space and unless you are having to share it with someone else, you have carte blanche to decorate it the way you please. Some people like to be totally business like in their home office décor and others go wild. It may make a difference if you have the type of home office where you will be having visitors or seeing clients, but even then the décor is certainly up to you.

Look Forward to Going to Work

However you decorate your home office, it is essential that it be a place where you enjoy being. After all, if you don't like being in the room, you're not likely to get much work done. Once you've included the functional pieces like desk, chair, filing cabinets, printer, fax, copy machine, and whatever other machines or supplies you need, then you can concentrate on including items that will turn your office into a retreat of sorts. One woman I know has one of those standalone hammocks in her home office. While the rest of the office is dedicated to work, she has placed a hammock in front of the window. Often, when she gets stumped, she'll lounge in her hammock and stare out the window watching the birds and the squirrels go about their activities. More often than not, when she gets out of the hammock, she has come up with a workable solution to her problem.

Decorate for Your Personality

Decorating your home office gives you the chance to express your personality and surround yourself with creature comforts as well. My home office includes my collection of "I Love Lucy" memorabilia but I also have a small refrigerator in the corner for drinks and snacks. If I had to go to the kitchen every time I wanted some nuts or a bottled water, I would never get any work done. This way, I am surrounded by some of my favorite things yet I am in my comfort zone as well. Try not to put anything in your home office that other family members may need to use or you may be interrupted more often than you care to be. I have an exercise bike in another corner of my office but since no one else in the house uses it, it works out for me. Fill your home office with the things that make your happy whether these things "go" with your décor or not. You have plenty of room for drapes and pictures on the wall and you can always accent your office with photographs and plants. Just be sure to include the kinds of things you like having around you also.