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Gardening Rose Of Sharon Tree

Many rose gardeners love using many different types of roses for gardening - Rose of Sharon tree is one that is very popular. Rose of Sharon is a beautiful tree that is easy to grow, low maintenance and long blooming.

But, there's a secret about Rose of Sharon gardening - Rose of Sharon tree isn't a rose at all! That's right; this lovely specimen is actually a hardy hibiscus. These lovely hibiscus shrubs are a welcome addition to any gardener who wants to grow specimen trees or hibiscus as part of their regular gardening.

Rose of Sharon tree can grow eight to ten feet tall at maturity. The blooms come in many colors including white, pink, lavender and violet blue. There are even some double-bloomed varieties of Rose of Sharon. These double bloomed varieties have a darker bloom in the center and lighter colored outer flower. You'll love this plant for easy gardening - Rose of Sharon tree is easy to grow, drought and pest resistant and will bloom for several weeks from late summer into early fall.

Another great thing about this specimen for gardening - Rose of Sharon tree doesn't have as much of a tropical look as other hibiscus varieties. So, if you live in an area where a very tropical plant would look out of place in your landscape, you can still use Rose of Sharon. Rose of Sharon grows best in USDA hardiness zones 5-9, so it can be grown in many areas of the country where other hibiscus varieties must be treated like an annual. It's extremely popular in the Southeastern US, where nearly every yard has one to keep color going later into the year.

Rose of Sharon is a great plant for attracting hummingbirds and insects to your garden. The tree won't even have any leaves until mid-July, but don't think that it has died on you! It will leaf out and have blooms by mid-August, just when all your other flowers have started to fade from the heat. It needs very little maintenance, but will give you more blooms if you feed it each year before bloom time.

Rose of Sharon is a multi-stemmed shrub, but you can easily train it into a tree shape, which provides a very attractive look for your garden. It grows relatively quickly, so you can use it to give a new yard a quick boost of growth and color. Give the Rose of Sharon a try - this tree that's not really a rose at all is sure to make a beautiful statement in your garden.