Seasonal Decoration

Seasonal Decoration Article

Seasonal Decoration

´╗┐Seasonal Decorative Accessories

One of the best ways to go about changing how your home looks every season is to accessorize the home and change the accessories in synchronization with the season. Let's look at a few accessories that can really be played about with, and make an impacting statement.

Cushion covers are immediately attractive and these changed and synchronized with the season can transform the living space all by themselves. Winter cushion covers would likely be thick, plush and soft to the touch. These would also be dark so as to look inviting during the winter. In spring, the covers could be changed to light pastels that reflect a coming thaw, the beginning of a colorful and delightful period of warm weather. With the onset of summer, the covers could be changed to slightly brighter colors although very light in shade. These would reflect light and provide the feeling of a cooler space. Fall cushion covers may be the most exciting of all and the adventurous may place covers in a varied verity of colors, to reflect the colors of falling leaves and blowing wind. If you do not want to change the covers every season, simply wrapping the cushion in a thick bow in an appropriate color would provide the appropriate effect.

Mantle ceramics may be hand painted to concur with the season and these may be replaced according to the season. Hand painted decorative pieces may be placed within the dining space as well as the bating and toilet areas, with each of them being changed according to the season. Ceramics may also be used as wall hangings which may have a theme going across the entire house. Over time, a house may come to collect many of these.

Throws are the next most attractive accessory for the home that may be changed at will so as to match the seasonal theme of the home. Here too, a lot of play may be had with the choice of colors and the fabric being used. Just as in with the cushion covers, cooler weather would dictate the use of thicker material that is soft to the touch and dark in appearance. The months of warmer weather would require throws to be of a lighter color and of lighter material as well. In all cases of throws being utilized, it would be appropriate for these to match the colors of the walls, the curtains and the furniture. But in some cases a stark contrast in the color of the throw can actually make for an exciting visual effect.

Chair covers for all chairs about the house too may be changed frequently in sync with the season. These may be color coordinated across the house or be specific to the room. Accessories come in many verities and nearly any decorative furnishing can be turned into one reflecting the season.