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Setting Up A Bird Feeder In Your Backyard

Now that you know that there are several birds living in your backyard, you may want to place a few bird feeders there in order to make sure that your animal visitors have something to eat on a regular basis, especially during the fall and winter seasons when food may be scarce. Here are some great ideas for bird feeders, as well as some of the best places to purchase the items that you need.

One of easiest bird feeders to fill and install is the tube feeder. This feeder is a long hollow cylinder that is either mounted to a pole or hung from a window or tree. You can also install perches on the tube feeder (or buy one with perches) so that lots of birds can feed at one time. Purchasing a feeder with a moat is also a good idea; this will catch any of the spillage and keep your yard neat while you do your part to make sure that the birds have their fill of food.

Satellite feeders are another variety of bird feeders that you may want to try. These are also known as globe feeders, and allow for smaller birds to feed without having to fight larger animals for their food. The feeder will spin when birds land on it, and this makes it hard for larger animals to feed upside down, so this is an ideal feeder if you have swallows or sparrows in your yard. You can find may varieties of this feeder at your local pet store, and when you visit sites like, you will find instructions for make your own bird feeders.

Now that you know a little more about the bird feeders that are going to be best for you, you should get the right ingredients to add to the feeders. For small birds, you should include lots of seeds and grains in the bird feeders. This provides fiber and a number of nutrients, and the ‘food’ is very inexpensive. Larger animals will need to have a more varied diet, so you’ll need to include fresh fruits and vegetables in the feeders as well. Fresh melon, berries, and green vegetables like spinach are ideal, and these foods will provide energy and antioxidants, just like they do for humans. Some species of birds also eat meat, so getting a suet feeder may be a consideration as well; your local pet store will give you more information on how to melt the fat in meat in order to make suet for the feeders.

To find quality bird feeders, be sure to visit stores like Bass Pro Shops or Petsmart in your area. If you want to order the feeders online, you can check out sites like or

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