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´╗┐Paved Sidewalks

There are many types of sidewalks and they all provide a very important function. They provide us with a safe, clear path to get from one destination to another. But sidewalks are more than walkways to reach a destination. They are beautiful elements of the landscape of any home or business. They add character and design to the environment and are visually appealing - especially when they are well-maintained.

Paved sidewalks require some maintenance to retain their beauty and functionality. Sidewalks typically receive a lot of foot traffic, although some receive more than others. A sidewalk to the front door may not get as much traffic as its sister-sidewalk leading to the back door. But both sidewalks needs some care and maintenance on a routine basis.

Many sidewalks are constructed of stone, brick, concrete, or rubber pavers. Even these sidewalks require maintenance. Some require more than others, so if you're just considering the installation of a sidewalk, be sure to look into the maintenance requirements to see what's needed on an ongoing basis.

Generally, sidewalk maintenance consists of:

1. Keeping the sidewalk clean and clear of debris by sweeping or blowing it away with a leaf blower. You can also vacuum sidewalks with a shop vac if available.

2. Washing the sidewalk periodically with a standard garden hose is recommended to remove tiny particles of dust and sand that become lodged in pavers or seams.

3. Stains and spots can be removed with specially formulated cleaning products available at most all home improvement stores.

4. Replace damaged pavers or repair sidewalk cracks when they become visible or are detected. The sooner you repair, the less costly it will be.

Sidewalks are easily maintained and they will last much longer if care is taken to inspect them on a routine basis. The sooner you are able to identify potential problems, the quicker you can resolve them. You'll not only save your sidewalk, but you'll save yourself some time and money in the long-term too.

Today's sidewalks are no longer just for functionality. They are part of the overall design and aesthetic appeal of the landscape and the home or business. Keeping them visually appealing is part of the maintenance plan. Older, worn sideways can be easily replaced or upgraded with many of today's new products and materials. Overlays, concrete stamping, and many other options are available to upgrade the appearance and quality of sidewalks.

If you have a sidewalk, or are considering installation of one, it's important to understand what is required to maintain the products you choose. Different types of sidewalks require different types of maintenance and materials, so be sure you are willing and able to do what is necessary to retain the functionality and beauty of the sidewalk you choose. You'll be glad you invested the time and effort in your evaluation of products.