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´╗┐Enhancing Your Sidewalk With A Canopy

Sidewalks are a beautiful addition to your home and they welcome friends and family alike. A sidewalk can be a very pleasing component of your landscape and can take advantage of surrounding gardens or shrubbery by traveling through them to your doorway. Sidewalks are both functional and attractive at the same time.

If you already have a sidewalk but you want to enhance its beauty and functionality, consider a canopied sidewalk for a fresh new look. A canopy adds protection during rain or when it is a hot, blistering sunny day. It also helps protect the sidewalk from harsh weather and it adds an element of surprise for greater curb appeal.

Consider these ideas for a fresh approach to your house and create a sidewalk canopy that is a welcoming sign to your guests:

- Canopies can be made of various materials. Wooden canopies are a wonderful idea and they are very practical as well. Pressure treated wood that has been treated for outdoor use and painted or stained adds an element of beauty to any home.

- In addition to wood, you can consider vinyl for your canopy as well.

- Canopies can be open or closed. Similar to an arbor or pergola, a canopy can have open slats above. This open feature is perfect for a short sidewalk and it's a good place to grow climbing roses and other plants that are decorative around the canopy.

- A closed canopy is also an option. The roof can be covered with shingles to match the house or it can be a simple wooden or vinyl roof, depending on the materials you choose. The point is to match the canopy of the sidewalk to match the style of the house.

- When creating your canopy, consider the posts you use. Match them to the posts of your front porch or other parts of the house. The sidewalk will be a natural extension of the house when the canopy is designed to complement the home's features.

Once your sidewalk canopy is built, it's time to think about other decorative touches. You can hang seasonal plants such as ferns or pots of flowers along the walkway. Add lighting underneath the canopy or place a lamp post at the end to illuminate the sidewalk for enhanced beauty and greater safety. Plant flowers along the edges of the sidewalk and allow them to grow and climb up the posts to the canopy roof. Paint the canopy to match the colors of your house or stain it to give it a nostalgic appeal.

Use your imagination and create an entry way that has an element of surprise and beauty. Make it a welcoming sign to your guests and enjoy the quietude that comes with a canopied sidewalk.