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Solar Power

´╗┐Advantages Of Using A Solar Power Generator

Thanks to the massive hurricane seasons of the early 2000s, many people understand the need for having home-based generators. Unfortunately, gasoline driven designs can be costly to purchase and dangerous to run. There is an alternative that provides the energy people need without a lot of the downfalls. This alternative is nothing more than a solar power generator.

Solar power generators are designed to provide energy when all other sources are out of the question. These devices work like a standard solar system. This means they have solar panels to draw in the sun's energy and transform it into direct current power. This power is then transformed into alternating current power through the use of an inverter. The inverter then feeds a battery that can help power certain systems in a home. How much or how little power a solar power generator will provide will depend on its size, overall efficiency and what the system is used to operate. A small generator driven by the sun could power a home's lights for a fair amount of time, for example.

Although solar power generator designs will require recharging of the batteries through exposure to direct sunlight, these machines have some advantages over gas-driven models. They include:

Functionality when all power is out

Gasoline based generators will only operate as long as the gas supply is available. Solar power generator models are easily be recharged during daylight hours. This means if the gas pumps are down due to serious storms or other natural disasters, solar generators are likely to keep on working by "refueling" themselves.

Less noise

Gas powered generators tend to create a great deal of noise while they are in operation. Solar power generators are much friendlier on this count.


Gas generators can cause problems with safety. They are simply not safe to use in enclosed spaces and can also be fire hazards. There are some major precautions that come along with their use. On the other hand, solar generators are much safer to operate and do not produce the fumes that gas-driven models do.

The green factor

Solar power is a much cleaner choice as far as the environment is concerned. These generators do not produce fumes, nor do they rely on non-renewable sources of energy to operate.

Having a backup system for a home is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can arise when gas-driven generators are used. A solar power generator provides a solid alternative for making sure the lights stay on.