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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Feed The Birds Not The Squirrels

They might look endearing, but the squirrels that live in your garden could become a great pest if you’re a bird enthusiast. The squirrel proof bird feeders could help you to control this continuous attacking your bird feeder.

As said awhile ago, the main problem for many bird enthusiasts especially when they place a bird feeder into their garden, are the squirrels. These squirrels do not just consume the food, but as well carry it away for hoarding. Pressing red pepper flakes on the seeds make the squirrels to stop stealing. Actually these red chili peppers are not harmful to the birds because they don’t have the receptor for capsaicin, and active component that most of these plants have. However, if the squirrels consume that, they would suffer and for this reason they stay away from the feeder. In fact, this is known to be the best way to have your feeder on your garden without being stolen by these squirrels. This method is very useful wherein there are lots developments today that have contributed to enhance the anti-squirrel devices to protect the bird seeds.

Several squirrel proof bird feeders are constructed in such means that the perches fall down if the weight surpasses beyond a limit. These are actually intended to support the bird’s weight whenever they perch and feed themselves, but when the squirrels will be the one to perch in it, it could not support its weight, and it eventually falls down. One kind of squirrel proof bird feeder contains a light shock, and powered by a battery. There as well exist automatic detection squirrel-proof bird feeders that detect overweight and begin spinning the perch to shake off the squirrel.

Also, you can makes of caged bird feeders to protect the seeds you give for you bird from the squirrels. These are ideals for feeding the small birds. The cage’s position is as well a significant factor especially in keeping away the squirrels from the bird feeder. One way to protect your bird feeders is to isolate them in an area wherein the birds are the only one can reach it. As simple as it may seems, squirrel proof bird feeders can do a lot to those bird enthusiasts especially if they would really love to watch birds feeding themselves with their own bird feeder.

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