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´╗┐Using A Heated Swimming Pool

Using a heated swimming pool can extend the regular swimming session and period, allowing you to enjoy many more hours of fun and exercise in a private way. There are numerous heating options and alternatives today, which can be very effective and more efficient than in the past years. The most known and common heating options today are the pool heating pumps and the regular pool heaters. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, thus, the most suitable heating system depends on a variety of factors.

Pool heaters are mostly used in private pools. They are considered to be the most common heating option and they have been around for a while already. They are powered by natural gas or other types of fuel, such as propane. Therefore, in order to achieve heating the mechanics should place an entire network of gas lines or storage tanks that allow the use of fuel. These fuels are burned in a proper combustion chamber and the heat is directed and transmitted to the pool water so as to raise its temperature, allowing the swimmers to enjoy normal temperatures even in winter.

The heat pumps work in a completely different way. The pump is basically powered up by electric energy, extracting the necessary heat from the air. Before the actual transfer to the pool water the air is already warm due to the sun, but the warmth is upgraded and enhanced with a compressor. The heat pumps are designed this way, so as to work efficiently even when there is no natural source of heat. The only prerequisite for their normal operation is that the outside temperature is above 450F.

Pool heaters provide the fastest way to warm a swimming pool and they are really effective when you need to heat swimming pools for a short period of time. If you have a pool in your vacation house and you want to heat it only during weekends, then you can easily use pool heaters.

Heat pumps are quite effective, as long as weather is relatively good and warm. They can ensure water temperature of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit and they are a great and dependable solution for private pool owners who can benefit from weather. People who live in relatively warm places or in regions where there is some kind of temperature balance all year long can use heat pumps effectively. Heat pumps are used extensively in sport centers and spas or therapeutic facilities.

Another major difference between heat pumps and heaters is the price, as the regular gas and fuel heaters are quite expensive to operate and maintain, mostly due to the cost of buying and storing fuel. Heat pumps are definitely a much more cost effective solution.