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´╗┐Advantages Of Salt Water Swimming Pools

Although chlorine pools have been, for years, the most common and popular type to build and own, salt water swimming pools became very popular lately, for a reason; they are easier to maintain and require lower expenses and minimal use of chemical substances. Let's see what the advantages of these swimming pools are.

No chemicals

As opposed to the chlorine pools, salt water pools require fewer chemicals. This is an advantage to those who use the pool frequently, as they don't have to deal with unhealthy substances and elements which affect their constitution in the long run. Salt water pools are also more environmentally friendly and safe. Moreover, you do not have to put up with the irritating and unpleasant chlorine smell.

Salt is healthier

One of the most important advantages of salt water swimming pools is that they are much friendlier to the skin and general health. Salt is much softer on the skin and doesn't cause any medical problems. Chlorine on the other hand, has the tendency to irritate eyes or even discolor hair. Salt swimming pools are much safer to those who make use of their pools frequently, since they don't have to suffer from symptoms related to chlorine exposure.


Salt water swimming pools require lower maintenance and fewer expenses. They have the ability to clean themselves and they do not require that much attention. On the other hand, the chlorine pools need an array of chemicals in order to maintain a good level of hygiene. Water sanitation can be easily achieved in a salt water pool.


One of the most important and significant advantages of salt water swimming pools is the low cost of maintenance. They are definitely much more expensive when built, but they pay off the initial costs within a few years, as they require less chemicals and maintenance by a professional technician. According to estimates, the cost of a salt water swimming pool is almost half the cost of a chlorine pool - including its maintenance.

Medical problems

studies show that the typical chlorine only pools tend to create some substances, called organo-chlorines, which imitate the regular human hormones. They are associated with several medical conditions and diseases, among which are infertility, low immunity, hormonal imbalances and even cancer. These substances are also related to asthma and respiratory diseases. Of course these diseases don't occur overnight, but since the users of residential pools tend to swim often, the dangers are increased. Salt water pools, on the other hand, have low levels of chlorine, which cannot cause any of these diseases.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, building a salt water swimming pool is definitely a good idea and beneficial to your health as well.