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Ten Important Things To Remember When Replacing Cabinets

Ten Important Things to Remember When Replacing Cabinets

Most of the time, when you are going to remodel your kitchen, it starts with the cabinets! You have to be careful replacing cabinets. This article will provide you with knowledge and tips about how you can steer clear of any headaches that you might have when you are replacing or refinishing your kitchen cabinets yourself.

When you are taking the cabinets off of the wall you have to take extra care to remove them the right way. Many things can happen when you are removing them, you could damage the cabinets or you could damage your walls in the areas in which the cabinets hang. Do your research and go slowly, you will be happy you took the extra precaution. You might not be able to replace the cabinets you once had in the kitchen with new ones that match.

If you do not think you are able to install your new kitchen cabinets or refinish the current ones yourself, you should consider calling a professional. Be sure to do your research on your contractor to ensure that they are qualified to do such a job.

Empty all of the drawers in the cabinets and take them out and set them aside. Drawers will add extra weight that is unneeded when you are trying to remove the cabinets. The same applies to the doors of the cabinets, take them off as well. You should be extra careful to set your hardware aside so that you can place the doors back on!

When you take the cabinets off of the wall you need to support the weight of the cabinets in an even manner. You might need two or three other people to help. If you do not do this you might crack the materials that the cabinets are made of because of the pressure you are placing on one side or another of the cabinet.

Use the right nails to install the cabinets back onto the wall when you are done refinishing them or your new cabinets have arrived. You should use finishing nails so that they are not visible. Ask at your local hardware store the right nails to use for the weight, etc.

When you are getting new cabinets you should plan ahead, get a plan and measure everything out ahead of time. Have it written down and drawn up so that you can follow the plan. Ask someone to explain it to you if you are unsure about the plan.

If you have a microwave that goes under your cabinets you need to make sure you install it properly into the cabinets so that you have a flush fit and all of the electrical components are hidden the right way. You also have to follow manufacturer’s directions to ensure the vents are not blocked, etc.

When you are installing kitchen cabinets yourself you should do so with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. You do not want to have trouble down the road and you do want your kitchen to look perfect. So be diligent and careful when doing this job.

Use shims properly when you are hanging your cabinets, these are often needed if the walls or floors happen to be uneven in your kitchen area. There are many resources online and books to read that are available at the local hardware store that can teach you how to use the shims properly.

Just as you should use shims in the proper way you should also use cabinet filler pieces in the right way. They are just as important as the shims and are a must if you are going to ensure you have a perfect cabinet replacement project and a dream kitchen!

These tips can guide you through the basics of replacing your cabinets just as a professional would. Cabinets can be difficult to put up but with some guidance and knowledge you can save a lot of money and time by doing it yourself! And you will have a new skill and sense of pride!

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