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´╗┐Decorative Wallpaper Patterns

When it comes to decorative wallpaper, many things stand out, especially the patterns. You will find a wide range of wallpaper patterns to select from when you start shopping. Patterns help to add visual interest to the room. They can also add lots of great texture, accent colors and they can be a good way to pick up on other patterns in the space you want to emphasize.

As you think about the tips listed below, remember that wallpaper choices should factor into the entire area well. in other words, the furniture, the color scheme, the carpeting and even the drapery all will affect the visual effect of any amount of wallpaper. With that in mind, consider the following tips and style choices and how well they will fit any room you place them into.

Geometric patterns can be one option in decorative wallpaper. They have a variety of lines to them, which adds to the visual appeal they offer. Look for wallpaper that offers a plaid look. Stripes, grids even circles and waves can be found in a variety of wallpaper options. When smaller patterns are used with geometric shapes, you get a less striking look, while still getting the modern vibe to the space. If you use many vertical lines in the wallpaper, the ceiling will look higher in the space.

Another option is to look for a large print. Large print patterns make a very bold statement. This can be a good thing for those who are hoping to draw more attention to the space. Remember though that the larger and bolder the pattern is, the smaller the room will feel when you step into it.

Perhaps the most common wallpaper pattern is the overall print. This print may be smaller but it is more present in the space since it is repeated throughout the space more often. This can be an effective way to add character and charm to a room while still making the room feel spacious. Use these overall patterns to add color to a room or to help the room to feel more comfortable. Overall patterns work in just about all spaces.

You can also select a small print. Small prints are harder to see from far away but they help to break up the color of the walls. They add some subtle charm to the room without screaming that they are there. This is often an attractive option for smaller spaces such as a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen area.

Any of these decorative wallpaper options are available in a multitude of colors and styles. Patterns do play an overall role in the way the room is viewed though. Keep this in mind as you select the right one for your space.