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Wallpaper Trim For A Great Decorative Look

For those who would like to add some wallpaper to their home, but not cover entire walls to do so, consider wallpaper trim, or wallpaper border. This form of wallpaper lines the ceiling of the wall or it can be placed in any other location you choose, such as a chair rail height. It is one of the least expensive but easy to use ways to add beauty to your home. You can find a variety of colors, themes and patterns to select from. Best of all, they usually only cost a few dollars per roll rather than the $30 to $50 of a roll of wallpaper would cost.

Where To Use It

You can use wallpaper trim in virtually any room of your home. It is best to place it in locations where the color or pattern (or both) will work well in that space. It is also best to choose a theme that will somehow relate to the rest of the space. To help you, consider these tips when selecting decorative wallpaper trim.

Floral prints are somewhat common in wallpaper trim. These are prints that can contain a lot of print or just a small amount. You will find a wide range of color schemes and patterns to choose from.

Consider geometric patterns, too. If you have an ultra modern room, a full wall of wallpaper will not look appropriate, but if you add a well-selected geometrical pattern of trim, this could really set the tone for the space.

Kids can really benefit from the use of wallpaper trim in terms of their bedrooms. All of their favorite characters can be found in trim as well as the alphabet, fun kid themes such as sports or princesses and much more. However, since they are only trim, the theme does not take up the entire space.

When selecting wallpaper trim, be sure it relates to the space. Use the colors found in the trim in other areas of the room. For example, if you have a floral pattern in the living room with reds and blues, be sure you have red and blue punches of colors located throughout the room to compliment the trim.

Finally, be sure you purchase quality wallpaper trim. Product that is too old or too worn is unlikely to stick well. Most of these come prepasted to make applying it easier to do. A thicker product is best since it gives you more substance. You do want to avoid product that is too thick or too thin, though.

Wallpaper trim is one of the best investments you can make in the décor of any space. It is an easy, affordable way to dress up a space and add character to it.