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´╗┐Tips For Wallpaper Trimming

Just as you are getting your wallpaper installation going, you may find yourself struggling with trimming. Even if you measure perfectly, it is likely you will need to trim up the wallpaper at some points. In fact, this should happen since you should not cut the paper so close that you do not give yourself any room for error. That would end up wasting more paper since errors in measurement are likely. Once you get the sheet of wallpaper up, the next step is to trim it effectively and properly.

The best way to trim up wallpaper is to use an Exacto type knife. A utility knife is best since it allows you to have a very sharp blade that will slice through the wallpaper without actually ripping it. You need a sharp blade like that because as the wallpaper is adhering to the wall, you want a nice, clean line, not a jagged mess. The good news is that these knives are very easy to find and to use. You will also need a straight edge to guide you while you make the cuts. It is best to use a metal straight edge to ensure that the blade does not dull on wood.

A word of caution first; one of the biggest problems when using a knife to cut wallpaper is that if the knife is dull it will tear the wallpaper. This could lead to significant rips in the paper that will cause the finished project to look bad. Do not allow this to happen. Keep the knife sharp and be sure it remains clean. The knife is likely to dull if it is covered with glue, for example.

Tips For Trimming Success

The following are a few tips that can help you to trim up the wallpaper without having any problems.

Trim the paper while it is still wet. After the wallpaper installation of one or two sheets, trim it up. The wet paper is easier to slice through without tearing it.

Hold the straight edge against the area you need to trim. Then, use one fluid line to cut the paper with the knife. If you start and stop again, this will cause a jagged edge.

When installing wallpaper, ensure that you are installing it under any molding. This includes doorframes, window frames, crown molding and baseboards. That way, the trimming does not have to be perfect but the job will look professional.

Trimming is an important part of wallpaper installation. If you are unsure of your ability to do this, it is best to practice a few times on a piece of wallpaper that is scrap. Getting the trimming right is important. It helps to give that professional look you are after.