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Water Gardening

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A water garden can be manmade or natural, but two things unite them - the use of some type of water gardening feature and the presence of water of some sort as the focal point. One famous garden of old which utilized a water gardening feature was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Another famous water gardening feature is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. Water gardens have regained prominence on the landscape scene in recent years, ranging from container water gardens to large outdoor structures. They are known by many different names such as backyard ponds, water ponds and aquatic gardens.

A true water garden makes use of different water gardening feature to compose the whole. The main types of water features are fountains, waterfalls, ponds and water courses (streams) are common. Not only does a water gardening feature add to the beauty of any garden, it also adds the soothing, relaxing music of flowing water. It also provides a great place to attract wildlife, especially birds whose colors and sounds can only add to the charm and beauty of any garden.

However, adding a water gardening feature will require additional investment in equipment as a water filtration system and a pump would be necessary. These two pieces of equipment are necessary if the delicate balance created in a water garden is to be maintained. The water pump will ensure that the water keeps circulating and so provide needed oxygen for the fish and aquatic plants to live. It also prevents the breeding of mosquitoes which might use the environment of a water gardening feature to breed. The filtration plant will help to keep the water clean and safe for aquatic life, both plant and fish.

One aspect of water features that some persons may not know about is that of using a water gardening feature to conceal faults in a garden. Professional landscape artists use water gardening feature all the time to hide landscaping problems with no one being the wiser.

Nothing else a garden can provide the type of tranquility and balm to the soul that a bubbling fountain can, except maybe being able to watch the cool waters of a stream flow merrily on its water. It is partially for these reasons that a water gardening feature is such a treasure in many outdoor gardens. In today's world with so many opting for apartments, small indoor fountains are allowing homeowners to take their water gardening feature inside as well. Additionally, there is now the option of powering pumps for water features by solar energy thereby protecting the environment as well as reducing electricity costs.