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Water Gardening

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It is easy to get started with your own water garden, but first you are going to need some water gardening supplies. Most garden centres will carry everything you need. They will have water gardening supplies to suit any budget. When deciding which water gardening supplies to buy, it is a good idea to select the best equipment and materials you can afford.

You do not have to be in a rush to buy all of your water gardening supplies at once. If you have to make provisions for cables or plumbing, do that first. Then you have to decide if you want to excavate, or have a container water garden. If you use a container, such as a half-barrel or a tub, you will likely need a liner to prevent leakage, rusting and leaching. If you excavate, you have the choice of using cement, a liner or a preformed pool. Few water gardeners today use cement pools. Liners are much easier to install and not nearly as costly. However, because liners can be punctured by sharp stones, you will have to put down an underlay of specially manufactured material that can be purchased where you buy the rest of your water gardening supplies. You can also use a preformed pool. This is easy to install and very durable, but it gives you fewer options for shape and design than the use of a liner does. Liners are also easier to disguise so that your water garden has a "natural" look, than a preformed pool.

Perhaps you want a fountain or a cascade as the highlight of your water garden. The water garden supplies you need for such a feature include hoses, connectors, taps and couplings. You can also install lights to illuminate your fountain or cascade.

Next on your list of supplies are pumps and filters. Surface pumps are used only for very large pools, so in all likelihood you will want a submersible pump. There is a wide variety available. You have three basic types of filter to choose from. Mechanical filters remove debris and particles by passing water through a filtering medium. Biological filters use bacteria to digest waste materials in the water. UV filters use ultra-violet light to kill algae and other micro-organisms.

You now have to decide on the decor of your water garden. Do you want it to be formal or informal? Do you want the theme to be Classical, Oriental, or something else? Do you want to edge it with brick or stone? Do you want to add decorations and ornaments? Finally, what plants will go into your garden? All this must go on your list of water gardening supplies.