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What To Know About Home Building Process

You and your family have finally decided that you’re ready for a new home–and you want to design it from the ground up. This means you’ll need to know all the details of the home building process. Here are some details about all the stages that you’ll need to be aware of, as well as some resources that will help you to find out more.

Before any of the actual construction can start in the home building process, you will need to have house plans drawn up. This means you’ll need to be working with an architect and/or contractor to get all the details of your new house drawn to scale. This serves as the map for the home builders, so they will know which types of components to order for your home, and how to start building your home’s foundation.

It’s important to keep in mind that before your home is built, the site for the home must be cleared completely, and must be graded by the state to make sure that the ground is acceptable for building a home foundation. Then, the trenches for the foundation are dug. Most of the home foundations that are built are made from poured concrete, but many individuals are now selection pre-cast concrete panels for their home’s foundation, since they can be installed quickly have add more stability.

Next in the home building process is the construction or installation of the walls, stairs, floors, and roof of the home. This can only happen after the foundation is set. This also means that the frame of the home needs to be built in order to hold up the additional structures that are being added. The frame of the home is usually built with large wooden sticks, which is referred to as stick-built construction, but some homeowners are now choosing to use other materials to build the frame, such as concrete, adobe, straw, and bale.

After these structures have been completed for your home, you’ve come to the part of the home building process that requires exterior building. This process protects the inside structures of the home from the elements and gives your new home more ‘shape.’ At this point, your home will look like it’s almost done; but there may be a few more adjustments to make inside, such as plumbing or floor finishing at this phase.

If you want to know more about the home building process, or need to take a look at some home plans that will help to give you some great ideas for building, you can check out sites like for more information.

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