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´╗┐Choosing Drapery Hardware

Choosing drapery hardware is just as much fun as choosing the draperies or curtains you will adorn your windows with. Drapery hardware can dress up inexpensive window treatments to create a truly elegant look and the choices are wide and varied. Whether you are making or buying your window treatments, you will need drapery hardware to attach the curtains or drapes over the windows. Whether you use a lone curtain rod or embellish the look with holdbacks and finials, there are several pieces of drapery hardware you should become familiar with. In addition, you can accent other parts of the room and your entire home with leftover drapery hardware as well. Let's look at some of the types of drapery hardware you may need to consider.


No matter which kind of curtains or drapes you adorn your windows with, you will need rods upon which to hang them. There are a variety of drapery rods available, constructed of aluminum, steel, wood, bamboo, and other materials. You can also buy extension rods or rods that fit together to ensure you get just the right measurement for your windows. You will need traverse rods if you plan on hanging draperies that you can adjust by using a wand or pull cord. You can get either one way or two way traverse rods, depending on how you want to be able to open and close your drapes. If you won't be using the pull cord option, then you can just choose from standard curtain and drapery rods. Basic curtain rods will fit into brackets mounted above or near the window while you can also use straight rods that give you the option to add decorative finials to the ends.


Finials are not absolutely necessary but they are a lot of fun to pick out and decorate with. Finials are the decorative pieces that attach to the end of drapery rods and they come in a wide variety of styles and materials. You can get finials in wood, iron, glass, or you can even get fabric covered finials. Finials can be simple or elegant, modern or antique and go a long way toward dressing up your window treatments.


Not all curtains and draperies are attached to the rod using rings. It depends on how the draperies are constructed whether or not you will need the rings. Rings can add a decorative touch though and come in a wide variety of styles. They are easily attached to the rod and the drapes and offer added stability. Rings allow the draperies to easily glide along the rod without getting stuck so for rods that may not be as smooth as others, rings can come in handy.