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8 Tips To Help You With Your Tree Transplants

It’s a common misconception that gardening is all about growing some lettuce and tomatoes. There is a whole lot more you can do with a garden. In fact, a garden can be comprised entirely of trees, and you can find some great tips below to help you transplant your trees.

The most important tip you can take away from any article dealing with trees is that trees cannot be grown properly from the seed up in the ground. Trees may grow in the wild like this, but it’s a one in one thousand shot. You have to start them in a smaller vessel and then transplant them later.

The easiest trees to transplant are those that were grown in a nursery. These trees have been specially grown and are strong enough to handle the shock of transplantation. They’re healthier and have a more robust roots system. Nursery trees are definitely the way to go.

Be extremely careful when transplanting and make sure that your tree is strong enough for the change of environment. This puts a lot of stress on trees and can definitely cause death. Check with your nursery for special instructions depending on the type of tree you’re transplanting.

Trees transplanted in the cooler months of the year will not grow quickly enough to adapt to their new environment. You have to start growing them earlier in the year and then plant them in the ground come spring or summertime. They’ll grow easily in the warm weather and will take root.

Trees need a lot of sun, but they also need to be protected against the harsher elements out there. It’s a good idea to plant a tree around some other trees or some other type of shelter. Keep the strong wind and rain from damaging the new trees. They need to be relatively secluded, but well protected.

The root system of the tree definitely needs to be moist. There are a few ways you can go about this. You can buy specific organic material to wrap the roots up in. You can pack it with mulch to ensure that the moisture gets locked in. However you choose to proceed, you have to remember that the tree’s roots need a lot of moisture if you want your tree to grow strong.

You need to bury trees well beyond their roots. In fact, you should be able to come up about halfway up the trunk of the tree to ensure that the tree isn’t going anywhere. The tree will continue to grow. It won’t matter if you bury around 40% in the ground. As long as the roots are moist and the tree is protected, it will grow.

As touched on up above, it’s a great idea to spread the mulch around right after you plant the tree. But more than that, you want to make sure that the soil is nice and fertilized. Use some type of natural compost or fertilizer to ensure that the tree is receiving the proper nutrients to promote growth.

It’s not exactly hard to transplant trees, but you still need to make sure you follow the proper steps. The steps laid out above will help you transplant a tree without any issues. Make sure you follow these steps closely.

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