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Gardening Questions and Answers

It is amazing how many people can immediately pick up gardening and those that struggle. It really all comes down to knowledge. You cannot just walk out to a spot in the yard, dig a hole and then plant some seeds. Though that is the fundamental practice behind gardening there is much more to it. You have to know the soil conditions, the types of plants that grow best in your area and even when to plant. It can be difficult but with the right gardening tips anyone can actually have a very lush and productive garden. It may be a flower garden or a vegetable garden. The right tips can have you planting in no time. There is no time like the present to get those tips. That way when it comes time to plant you will be ready and have all your tools at hand. This article can help give you some of the basic tips you will need to have a garden envied by everyone.

When should I start my garden?

Most people erroneously think that gardening has to start in late spring or summer. The fact is that most gardeners actually start planning their garden out in the fall. You can wait until planting season but you want to do some preliminary work first. And if you want to start a flower garden then you need to get some gardening tips immediately. Most bulbs such as tulips and irises have to be started in the fall if you want them to bloom by spring. So you first need to think about what kind of garden you want to grow. There are endless possibilities and much of it depends on your location.

What should I plant in my garden?

Well first you need to determine what type of garden you wish to grow. Some people like flower gardens since they are very ornamental and can improve the look of their property. Some like container gardens because they lack ground space and of course some prefer the big vegetable gardens. In order to get the right gardening tips for your needs you need to make this decision first. There is nothing to prevent you from doing all three types. All have their own advantages and all will definitely help sharpen your gardening skills. If you are a beginner it is good to start small and then work your way up from there. There is no need to till up and acre of land if you have no idea how to grow vegetables. But if you start with a small patch then it is much easier to learn as you go along. The same goes for your flower beds. Some great growing plants that are easy for anyone to grow are: tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mums, daffodils and some ornamental grasses.

What type of tools will I need to grow a garden?

There are some basic tools you will need no matter what type of garden you intend to grow. Most gardening tips advise having a spade, a shovel, a small rake and of course a watering hose or can. Large scale gardens will require you to have a tiller to till the soil over. Small flower gardens will not require this and you can break up the soil with the hand spade or the shovel. The small rake will come in handy to get rid of weeds and leaves that may be in your garden. And the water is essential to the plants growing. You may need to add fertilizer and additional soil nutrients to help your garden grow. The best advice is to get your soil tested first to determine the pH balance and the soil composition. Then you can look at what each flower or plant needs to grow best and add components accordingly.

What type of gardening tips can I get for growing a flower garden?

One of the best gardening tips you can get for a flower garden is to not buy that expensive paper that is supposed to act as a weed barrier. Lots of people buy it because they do not want to spend the time it takes to weed their flowers. But there is a better way that is much less expensive and makes use of recycling. Take old newspapers and put them down instead! They act as a barrier just as well and will also decompose to help your flowers grow. Another great tip is to actually read the little flower tag that comes with your flowers when you buy them and transplant them from their little seed carriers. That tag will have some very important information regarding when to plant, when to water and most importantly…how much sunlight the flower needs. Most people make the mistake of throwing them away but they are invaluable tools. Another great tip is to get flowers from your friends. Many times they will need to weed out some flowers to make room for the others to grow. Simply ask them for the flowers they would typically throw away. You can transport them in a wet paper towel and then plant them in your own flower garden. That is recycling at its best!

How can I use organic gardening tips to my advantage?

In order for you to take advantage of organic gardening tips, you first must learn what organic gardening actually is. It is a style of gardening that involves no pesticides or chemicals. You learn to use nature’s own pesticides and chemicals to keep your plants healthy and strong. Nature is very good at providing exactly what a garden needs without risking man-made chemicals and pesticides. One good tip is to have Ladybugs around your garden. Those dainty, red bugs actually are voracious protectors of your plants and will eat a wide variety of pests. Another tip for keeping your garden safe is to use essential oils. Most bugs and diseases will not be able to be near plants coated with lemon oil or lavender. The best advice is to pick up an organic gardening book. It will have ways you can make your own fertilizer and compost as well as tips on taking care of your garden after the plants or flowers have been harvested.

What are some of the most common gardening tips given to new gardeners?

Two of the most common gardening tips given to new gardeners are to pay attention to the sun and to how much you water. You would be amazed at how many gardens are ruined because the gardener did not pay attention to either one. Too much sun on some plants will kill them. Some prefer shaded areas. Too much water can essentially drown the plant. You have to know exactly how much sun and water to give each of your plants. These two simple tips are instrumental in having a successful vegetable or flower garden.

Are there any gardening tips on the types of fertilizer that should be used?

There is lots of gardening tips regarding what type of fertilizer you should use but you first have to know the composition of your soil. If you take the time to have your soil tested before you begin your garden you will know which nutrients it needs. Gardens vary from spot to spot so you have to know exactly what composition of fertilizer to buy in order to meet that particular area and plants’ needs. You can buy a soil testing kit online and then have it sent in to be analyzed. The lab will then usually make a recommendation as to what type of fertilizer will work best for your particular needs. You can also make your own fertilizer and compost by visiting an organic gardening website.

What should I do with my garden after it has been harvested?

The crops have all been harvested and the flowers are gone for the year. Now is the time to start preparing your soil for the upcoming winter and for the spring planting season. There are plenty of gardening tips in books and online to help you get started. But did you know that the harvest season may not truly be over for your area? There are some cold weather crops you can plant to help add nutrients back into the soil. You may want to visit your local gardening center or join a gardening chat group online to get some tips for your area. If you live in a tropical climate you may be able to plant again. Just make sure to rotate your crops so that the nutrients in the soil are not drained.

Are there any websites that offer gardening tips?

The internet is filled with websites that offer all types of gardening tips. A simple Google search will reveal page after page. But there are some that stand out amongst the crowd. One is This website offers tips and suggestions for all types of gardens. Another website you may want to check out is If you are looking for garden designs and help planning out your garden you may want to check out for more help.

Are there any books that offer gardening tips and suggestions?

Just as there are plenty of websites offering gardening tips and suggestions so too is there books. One book every gardener needs is the Farmer’s Almanac. You can pick this up in your local bookstore or even your local feed store. If you like to buy your plants from Wal-Mart or Lowes there are plenty of books from publishers such as Better Homes & Gardens. All you have to do is narrow down your choice of what type of gardening book and then pick one up. Most are very inexpensive.

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