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How To Save On Pool Maintenance Costs

How To Save On Pool Maintenance CostsKeeping a swimming pool in tip-top shape is no easy thing. Pool maintenance costs tend to be a great and harrowing issue among pool owners, more so because they just get more and more expensive as the years go by. What most people don’t know is that with proper budgeting pool maintenance really isn’t that much of a hassle. There are generally two kinds of pools, the in-ground and above ground pool, with the former being associated with the more affluent, while the latter is every man’s summer pool.

In-ground pools often prove to the most expensive to maintain between the two pool types, generally costing one up to a thousand dollars in monthly maintenance. However, there are effective ways of lessening pool maintenance costs, and this article serves to provide a few tips. First of all, an in-ground pool usually curtails maintenance on many levels, namely, the pool itself, the features of the pool, and the pool water. Making sure that your pool doesn’t have any construction flaws is the first step to saving on maintenance costs, as damaged pools tend to eat up a lot of money. Routine checkups on the pool structure, even the minor ones like the tiles and grouting can save you thousands of dollars on repair costs by mitigating possible problems that may arise. Further pool maintenance involves a thorough cleaning of the pool itself every week or so, which can be done personally if you have the time and strength to spare.

In-ground pools often attract more algae and calcified buildup than other types. Cleaning the sides of the pool with a specially designed long-handled brush and some detergent helps remove any gunk sticking to the sides. Since some debris falls to the bottom during clean-up, draining the pool and cleaning the bottom should round it all up. Even though you don’t necessarily save that much by opting to do the cleaning yourself, you’re still on your way to saving up on pool maintenance costs – with the added bonus of keeping yourself trim.

The secondary bane of pool maintenance costs is the water itself, which must be kept in good quality. While the above-mentioned cleaning step should do you good in keeping the water clean and clear, you may also choose to add some chemicals which can purify the water and keep any away insects and germs from breeding in it, like chlorine. Calcification or scaling is pretty common in areas with hard water and since these are difficult to remove, it is wise to invest in a water softener to prevent the problem from ever happening. Even little things like investing in pool covers can help you reduce pool maintenance costs by keeping your pool clean when not in use.

While pool accessories are meant to assist in the upkeep of a pool, they can do more harm than good if they don’t function properly. Routine check-ups help ensure they function properly, and doing some of the work instead of leaving it all to automation actually saves you a lot of money as the automated systems don’t have to work non-stop to eat at your electricity. Handling your money wisely and knowing where it goes and how you’ll spend it are ways to effectively reduce the strain of pool maintenance costs without compromising the integrity of your pool.

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