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Bathroom Decoration – Create A New Look For Your Bathroom

Creating A Fresh Look For Your Bathroom

It is very easy to create a new look for your bathroom with just a little imagination and creativity. There are many different themes to select from for the bathroom decoration. Deciding on the design to use in the bathroom is the hardest step in decorating. To get a few ideas, either use a decorating magazine or browse through a store. The ideas will pop out at you and help you make the decision.

The step of deciding on the right theme to use along with the matching colors is very important. The main concept is to combine the theme with the colors to create a personalized effect in the bathroom. Once the decision has been made on the theme and colors, the rest of the project will all fall into place with careful planning and selection of the items to use for the bathroom.

Floral Theme

One option for the bathroom decor is using a floral theme. Flowers can create a beautiful and calming effect in the bathroom. They can be any color or any kind. First, select the kind of flower to use and then decide on the main color to go along with it. As an example of using a flower theme for your bathroom, you can try pink roses. Since pink is a light color, there are other many shades of pink which presents more options for decorating.

At the stores look for a shower curtain with pink roses on it. Since the vintage era used pink roses, the style is available in almost every store. Get matching colored shower curtain hooks. Add the accessories matching the curtain such as trash basket, soap dispenser and hand towels to the bathroom. Also, get a few towels in shades of pink. Do not forget the rug and bathmats in pink color, too.

When you are at the home decorating department of a store, look for pictures with pink roses. Select a few small pictures and even some little figurines reminiscent of the vintage era that will fit in the theme. You can even buy a crocheted doily to put the figurines on.

In the bathroom, put up the new shower curtain and the hand towels on the racks. Place the rug and bathmats. Hang the pictures. Put the figurines on the shelf with the doily. Place the trash basket, toothbrush holder and other accessories in the appropriate places.

Stand back and look at your work which created a new look for the bathroom. All the colors match and look great. The new shower curtain makes the eye look in that direction. The walls look terrific with the pictures, and the figurines add a delicate touch to the shelves they are sitting on. The hand towels hanging on the towel racks make a statement of their own.

Hawaiian Theme

Another idea for bathroom decor is using a Hawaiian theme. This theme is bright and cheerful that will liven up the bathroom and create a fun environment. Using bamboo items in the bathroom will add to the appeal of this theme and make it even look more authentic.

Hawaiian themes are appealing due to the pleasant thoughts and images it conjures up in people. To many people, Hawaii represents the exotic paradise they always dream of visiting one day.

Think about everything that comes to mind when thinking of Hawaii. There are pineapples, palm trees, bamboo, bright colors of the parrots, and the wonderful art of the islands. Use this theme and add everything else that goes with it.

For the shower curtain, select a palm tree motif. This will create a setting of the island paradise in the bathroom. Add to that a bamboo trash basket and sink accessories. Use colorful hand towels with a design that matches the curtain.

For the rug and bathmats, they should be matching the shower curtain. Also, make use of use pictures and figurines matching the theme. The pictures can be a seascape, palm trees, or parrots. Use anything that represents Hawaii.

Install the shower curtain with matching shower hooks. Place the bathmats and rug on the floors. Put the trash basket and sink accessories in their place. Hang the hand towels and pictures on the walls.

The bathroom has now gone from being “just a bathroom” to a relaxing getaway that is bright, beautiful, and fun. The new look you created in the bathroom will be pleasant for anyone needing to mentally escape the hardships of the everyday life too. The soothing effects of the new bathroom will help ease the mind on even the most stressful day while soaking in the tub.

Using Color Combinations

Bathrooms do not have to have a theme to look beautiful in appearance. Using colors can also create a pleasant effect in your bathroom. The ways you can use color combinations in bathroom decoration are endless and are only limited by your imagination. One of the most popular color combinations is black and white where the effect of contrasting colors appeals to many people.

When decorating your bathroom, preferably use a white shower curtain as a black curtain will show the water spots, but it can be used if desired. Use a black rug and bathmats. Mix the colors for the the trash basket and sink accessories. Use both colors for hand towels, and overlay the black and white towels to enhance the effect of the contrasting colors. Add accessories of any type in black and white for the walls and figurines on the shelves. A simple black square cube will add a nice touch sitting on a white piece of material.

Since black and white colors are standard, they are available at all retail stores. It will not be difficult to find matching colors or accessories in basic black and white. When the time comes to replace the items in the bathroom, finding the exact color will be very simple.

To vary the black and white theme, a design can be added to spice it up. There are geometric designs and wildlife patterns. Go a little wild by selecting an animal print of a zebra and add that to the current theme to enhance the looks of it. The effect of zebra stripes will make your bathroom appear more exotic. Since it is fashionable to use a design with zebra stripes, many people use it not only in the bathroom but also in their living room and bedrooms.

If you like modern art, you can also consider using an Art Deco design with black and white colors in the bathroom. It is more modern but can provide a more classy touch to the bathroom.

What to Consider For Bathroom Furniture

If you have a large bathroom, you may want to have several furniture such as a makeup table, linen closet, additional wall and floor cabinets and bench. The furniture can add to the cosmetic appearance of the bathroom. They can help utilize the existing space better and provide the needed service areas in the bathroom.

When adding furniture, there are several factors to consider. The first factor is the budget you want to allot for the new furniture. The second factor is the space available which helps determine the size of the furniture. The third factor is the style or design of the furniture. Based on these three factors, you can make a decision as to the type of furniture you want to buy. Some people may like custom made furniture for their needs, while others buy their furniture at a store.

If the furniture is to be custom made, there are several things you need to consider before the furniture is crafted such as the measurements of the space for the furniture and size of the furniture. The style of the furniture and color or stain also need to be decided beforehand. Then, you have to find a company that can make the furniture to the specifications you desire. Also, make sure that the company offers a warranty for the furniture just in case something goes wrong with it. Don’t forget to ask the company if they are going to deliver and assemble the furniture. If the company does not deliver and assemble the furniture, this can create unnecessary headaches for you.

There are different types of furniture that offer various functionalities for bathroom use such as creating additional space and changing the appearance of the bathroom. The added space will allow the countertops to be cleared off of the bathroom and personal care items. The addition of new furniture with different functionality will offer a better experience for the entire family and create a new atmosphere.

Types of Bathroom Furniture

There are different types of furniture available for the bathroom. One of the most popular items is the stand behind the toilet. This adds storage room to the bathroom. It can be made out of metal, wood or plastic. It comes in different styles and designs. Some have simple shelves, others have doors and shelves. Some have a large rectangle design, others have an arch design. Regardless of their style, they will be a nice addition to your bathroom.

Bathroom stands are easily assembled with standard tools such as a screwdriver, but they usually stand without being mounted to the wall since they have legs on their base. However, it is wise not to overload them with too many things since some will not be able to handle the weight.

Bathroom stands have shelves where towels can be stored as well as being used to display decorations or store other items commonly used in the bathroom. Using a stand behind the toilet will also add to the appearance of the bathroom. It is attractive as well as a functional use of available space.

Another type of furniture for the bathroom is wall hanging cabinet. The cabinet provides storage space while enhancing the decor of the bathroom. They are available in wood or plastic and come in different sizes and styles. The cabinets are easily mounted with screws placed into the wall and the mounting brackets that come with the cabinet. After placing the screws into the wall, hang the cabinet on the screws with the mounting brackets. After securing the cabinet on the wall, it is ready for use.

Some people also install shelves on the bathroom walls, which are used for various purposes. They provide space to store personal items used in the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture provides additional storage for the bathroom items while enhancing the decor. The additional space creates a less cluttered appearance without taking away from the bathroom decor.

Depending on your budget, you can decide to spend more or less for different types and qualities of bathroom furniture . Most furniture can be purchased for a reasonable amount of money yet there are some that will cost more.

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