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Eco Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Eco Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Nowadays making a more eco-friendly home is a main concern for environmentally conscious homeowners. And the good news is that creating an eco-friendly kitchen is quite simple. Here are 5 ways to provide your kitchen with a touch of green.

Opt for green flooring and cabinets

If your kitchen is in need of a change then eco-friendly products such as bamboo are an outstanding way to present your kitchen in a new light while using renewable products. Bamboo can be worked into your floors and cabinets and gives a vivid artistic look to the room.. Not a bamboo fan? You needn’t adopt its use just because it’s becoming hugely popular. You can always buy second hand furniture and fittings, avoiding the necessity for more trees to be used up for your benefit.

Improve your appliances

As customer requirement for more energy-competent solutions thrive, so too does the amount of new and enhanced appliances hitting the store shelves. Companies continue to progress in technological innovation, making huge ecological end economical advances in dishwashers, fridges and washing machines to name a few. Keep in mind, when upgrading your machines it’s vital to not only evaluate energy ratings but also the superiority of the machine: how long will it last? When you buy a first-class product it will typically last a lot longer than an inferior one, providing economies of scale.

Break old habits

For a more environmentally-friendly approach to your every day cooking, rethink your food plans around the use of your oven. Foods that consist of baked vegetables and meat will make complete use of the energy consumed by the oven, as opposed to roasting the meat and using the hob or stove top to simmer vegetables. If you are going to use an oven, use it as effectively as you can. If your main interest is in saving power then add an occasional meal that doesn’t need heat, such as salads, or gourmet sandwiches.

Room for recycling

The kitchen is well known for producing a big quantity of rubbish both from food scraps and from the excess food wrapping and containers. Choosing products that are light on packaging and that use eco-friendly resources is a great place to begin. Making room in your kitchen for recycling bins will ensure that your waste makes its way back to the recycling plant instead of a landfill. Without creating adequate room for recycling, it’s all too easy to dump everything in the common waste bin. Look for a large, easy to clean container for recycled waste and place it in an easy to reach position in the kitchen or adjacent room such as the laundry. If it’s simple to recycle then everybody is more likely to do it more frequently.

Clean and green

Keeping away from toxic cleaners is a concern when it comes to keeping your house environment friendly and keeping good health. However, that doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t gleam with cleanliness. There are plenty of green cleaning products around these days that are plant-based, or you could come up with your own product using everyday components such as baking soda mixed with vinegar.

By applying these 5 green and environment friendly guidelines to your kitchen, you will be well on your way to reduced energy consumption, achieving better health and creating a better atmosphere for us all. Doesn’t that make it worthwhile?


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