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Feng Shui Cures For Your Home

Feng Shui Cures For Your Home

Do you want to get rid of all the clutter in your home? Would you like your home or work office to be stress-free? Do you want your guests to feel peaceful and at ease when they visit your home? These are some of the things feng shui cures can provide. Here are some of the tips professionals use that you can incorporate into your home decorating methods.

Using the element

While color is a great way to achieve feng shui cures in a home or office, using the actual elements that the colors represents will make the positive energy much stronger in a room. For instance, if you have red, orange, pink or yellow furniture items and accents in your living room, making sure that the fireplace is always lit will really help you to celebrate the fire element in the room and will bring attention to the real essence of your space. If you have decorated your room with brown or green shades (for the wood element), furniture that is made of real wood will give this space the rustic and peaceful look you are most likely going for.

Use color wisely

If you want to change the elemental properties of something, you can essentially change its color. For instance, if you have a metal piece in your room but want the space to be more high energy, painting the piece pink or yellow will help you to achieve this, since the piece will be a fire color. While color is not quite as strong as element, it still makes a big difference in the energy that is collected in your space. A professional feng shui consultant may also advise you to use colors to control the energy in a room. For instance, if you have too much ‘fire’ in a room (i.e. red and yellow hues), dark blue may be used to calm the room down and achieve balance.

Use plants and crystals

Make sure that you have a plant or two in every room as a form of feng shui cures; it serves as a living organism that will give more oxygen to the home and achieves the fulfillment of the wood and air elements in a room. Choosing plants with even, round leaves is best since those with sharp and pointy leaves will create negative and aggressive chi in a room. For crystals, they should be placed in areas of the room where you may have to work or study in order to be most helpful. The light from crystals reflects all the colors of the chi, which is the ultimate balance, so you may want to try placing mirrors strategically in your space until you find the perfect crystal for you as affordable and effective feng shui cures.

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