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How To Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

Do you want to make your home greener? Are you looking for some simple changes that will help your home become more eco-friendly? If you are, you have come to the right place. In order to do your part in helping our Earth, you should do whatever you can to make your home as environmentally friendly as you can. Continue reading to find out some of the easiest and most cost effective green changes you can make to your home.

One easy and cheap improvement is to change out your light bulbs and replace them with CFLs. These bulbs are a little bit more expensive than regular light bulbs, but they end up saving you money over time. Their energy consumption is lower, and they last longer than traditional bulbs too. If you do not want to spend the money replacing every light bulb in your house all at once, choose a certain number to replace each week or each month until they are all replaced with CFL bulbs.

Another way to save on energy is to install motion detectors. These devices are particularly helpful outside. Instead of turning on your outdoor lights and leaving them on, hook them up to a motion detector. A motion detector will detect any motion and then turn your light on. This way, the light is only on when it is needed, not wasting any electricity when no one is around to need the light.

To make sure you are not using more water than you need check your pipes for water leaks. If there are water leaks anywhere, you may be using more water than you need and this is quite wasteful. By fixing any water leaks, you are not only helping the Earth’s water supply, but you are also saving on your water bill.

Use power strips for your electronics. Anything that is plugged in, whether it is on or not, is using electricity. If you use power strips, you can turn them off, thus causing them not to use any unneeded electricity when they are not in use. This can also save your electronics should there be something go wrong with the electricity, caused by a power surge or something similar.

In order to keep your home more comfortable, upgrade your current insulation. With better, top of the line insulation, your home is able to stay at a more consistent temperature. This will allow you to use less heating or cooling. Not only does this save on your heating and cooling bills, but it also saves some of the Earth’s valuable resources.

Replace your air conditioner’s filters on a regular basis. When a filter is dirty, the unit has to work even harder to cool your house. When the unit works harder, it requires more electricity. To assure your air conditioner runs at its peak, be sure you always have a clean filter installed.

Make your home more energy efficient and green by using these simple tips. Not only will you be doing your part for our Earth, you will also be saving money.

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