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How To Manage Indoor Plant Pests

Creating an indoor garden can be fun and relaxing but throw in some of those insect garden pests and you may want to throw in the towel. Insect garden pests can definitely cause havoc on your indoor garden that you have taken the time to grow but with the right supplies you can minimize the damage. Some indoor garden pest controls include products like spider mite control. Below is a breakdown on a few things you can do to help keep the pests away from your indoor garden.

One of the best ways to control your indoor garden pests is called powder sulfur which you can find in a gardening shop. You can find thrips which are tiny little insects that can puncture the cells of the plants you’re growing and feed on the plant sap. The powdered sulfur is used as a vaporizing tool which will send out the sulfur vapors into your indoor garden. By doing this, the sulfur will change the PH levels on the leaves and stems of the plants which will then cause the pest reproduction cycle to stop. An advantage to changing the PH level is that it can also reduce the common plant disease of powdery mildew.

Another way to control your indoor garden is using something for reducing spider mites including beneficial insects. This way of controlling spider mites is used as means of implementing integrated pest management which is also called by short, IPM. This method is when you initialize the pest management in your indoor garden by using the least toxic means of controlling your pest problem. Then you follow by moving up the chain to more powerful toxic solutions if necessary.

Beneficial insects are a great way to combat spider mite problems using an organic gardening technique. Even though spider mites are very tiny, they can destroy your indoor garden quite quickly when they are in large groups. Spider mites like thrips can feed on the plant sap and leave punctures on the leaves and stems of the plants. If your plant has too many of these punctures, it will suffer a reduction in photosynthetic abilities causing it to not get enough nutrients. Eventually, this will cause it to kill the plants and your indoor garden will be completely destroyed.

There are different beneficial insects that will kill spider mites. One of them is called Phytoseiulus persimilis, a mite predator and the best friend of an indoor gardener. They can control a number of mites and move very quickly and aggressively. If there are no mites, they can quickly starve to death. They do not go long without food and cannot survive in cold climates which make them ideal for an indoor garden.

When you decide to use beneficial insects to hunt for spider mites, you should release the beneficial insects as soon as you find a pest problem in the garden. Most beneficial insects have a very short life span so it’s best to keep their feeding in one focused area of your indoor garden.

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