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Tips For Garage Remodeling

You are tired of wasting the space in your garage to park your car and have made the decision to remodel it into usable space. What are you going to do with all that space? It is a lot of square footage to be used and there are hundreds of different uses for it. The ideas in this article will give you some tips on what to do with all that space starting from the easiest to the hardest.

If you enjoy working with your hands or would like to start a hobby, then convert your garage into a workshop. There is plenty of room for a workbench or counter, power tools, and anything that you need to make your garage into a fantastic workshop with almost no renovation required.

Another easy remodel is turning the garage into a home gym. The costs of gym memberships can surpass the costs of the equipment that you purchase in a year or two, so why not use that money for making your own home gym. This is a relatively easy remodel with just the addition of some carpet and maybe a window air conditioner unit.

A great use of the space would be to turn the garage into an entertainment room, theater, or man cave. You will probably have to run some air conditioning into the garage for this type of remodel, but it is worth the additional effort. Depending on your level of complexity and how much money you want to spend, you might want to remove the garage door and frame in the opening.

Getting a little more complicated you can turn the garage into a home office or extra bedroom. This will require air conditioning, removal of garage door, and more than likely raising the slab 4″ to match the interior of the home. You do not want this room to look like a garage addition, you want it to blend into the rest of the home.

The most complicated of the renovations would be to turn your garage into additional living space with a bathroom. You might also add some closet space to make up for the storage area you are losing by converting your garage. This requires everything listed above and you will also have to cut into the slab to lay down plumbing lines.

You may also be required to pull a permit from the city or county and have licensed contractors do the work for you. When you follow the rules in doing this type of renovation, you are increasing the square footage of your home and adding value to it. When done properly, this kind of remodel will add significant value to the home because living space is worth more than garage space.

So from easiest to hardest you can see that there are a number of ways to renovate your garage into useable space. Why waste all that space just to park your car and store boxes, when you can do something truly amazing with all that square footage?

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