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Benefits Of Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

There are several benefits of carpet cleaning, and most people are aware of these benefits. However, how many of us know of the different methods of cleaning that are used to keep your carpets spic and span? There are four basic methods by which carpets can be cleaned. This article attempts to take you through these methods and explain the benefits of carpet cleaning of using these methods.

Carpet Shampoo Method

In this method, a lot of foam is generated on the carpet, which is allowed to dry. When the foam dries up, it attracts all the soil within the carpet, which can be removed by a follow up of vacuuming the next day. Shampoos that are used to clean carpets need to have high levels of stable foam so that wetting can be reduced. They also have high lubricity which reduces any damage that that can be caused by the brushes.

So, what are the benefits of carpet cleaning with this method? The carpet shampoo method, also known as the dry foam method, has several benefits. Firstly, it’s a great way of reducing wicker problems and controlling the odor. It is also cheaper than the other methods of carpet cleaning.

Dry Extraction Method

This method uses hardly any water, and hence it is also referred to as dry cleaning. There is vacuuming involved both before as well as after the completion of the process. This process usually starts of with the sprinkling of a dry compound that attracts and absorbs soil. This compound is made up of the following products – an absorbent carrier, detergent, water and solvent, and it is worked into the carpet with a brush.

In spite of its higher cost, this method is among the more commonly used ones and allows people to explore the benefits of carpet cleaning relatively quicker as there is virtually no drying time involved. It is also quite good at reducing wicking problems.

Bonnet Method

Also known as carbonated cleaning, the bonnet method is not a highly recommended method of cleaning, and several carpet-cleaning professionals advise strongly against using it. A rotary brush is used for this process and the cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet. Even though this method is fast and rather inexpensive, it has limited capacity to remove soil and can also cause extensive damage to the fibers of the carpet. While there are some benefits of carpet cleaning by the bonnet method, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages

External Extraction Method

This method is known by several other names as well, such as “Warm/Hot Water Extraction” and “Steam Cleaning”. This method is used most and highly preferred by carpet manufacturers and cleaning professionals. There are several benefits of carpet cleaning using this method.

Hot water extraction may be more expensive, but it gives your carpet the deep cleaning that it deserves, and it can sanitize the carpet to a great extent, preventing health problems that come with dirty carpets. This method also helps control the odor more effectively than any other method. Additionally, unlike other cleaning methods used, hot water extraction doesn’t leave any cleansing agent as residue in the carpet, and goes right down to the surface to clean it thoroughly.

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