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Feng Shui Decorating

Want to know how to add some extra flair to any room in your home or office? If so, you may want to find out more about feng shui decorating. A simple painting or color palette can make a big difference in how you feel while you’re in your room or office, so these color decorating tips will offer cost-effective yet significant solutions for improving your space.

Everyone wants a space that reflects their own style and personality. With the feng shui decorating style, the colors you select will tell you which element your temperament is most closely related to. For instance, if you choose bright yellow or red colors, you have a ‘fire’ temperament, which could mean you’re bursting with energy, but can be quiet and warm as well. If you choose colors like blue or shades or black for feng shui decorating, you have a ‘water’ personality, which says that you are a generally calm person who enjoys life. So, make the colors that you choose work for you and pick a main palette of colors to use in each space to give each room a distinct feel.

Furniture placement is another one of the important feng shui principles. You should make sure that your larger pieces of furniture, such as beds or sofas, are the logical focus of the room, but that they don’t overpower the whole space. One of the ways to do this is to have larger pieces of furniture facing the center of the room, instead of the entrance, so that the energy in the room will be balanced when people enter. You may also want to choose earth or water colors in these rooms to promote relaxation and tranquility, so colors like brown, green and blue are best.

For additional accessories when it comes to feng shui decorating, choose art pieces and room accents that will enhance the room and not take over the focus. For instance, paintings with simple lines and bold colors are great accents to any room and figurines or statues should be small but complimentary. Using wood and water in the rooms you’re decorating will help your chi to relax and you will actually feel safer and more at ease. For more great tips on feng shui decorating, contact your local feng shui consultant.

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